"I was about to lose my life, death was very close, I felt it may take me away from my lovely family." This is what Mohammed said.

1/15/2019 12:00:00 AM

Mohammed is 12 years old. He lives in a big family composed of 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Mohammed is the eldest one. His family exists in a small village in the east of Deir el Balah which is called Wadi El Salqa. Mohammed's father is jobless and his mother is a housewife. His father is an old man suffers from diabetes and hypertension. The family suffers from a bad economic situation hence they don't have sufficient income to fulfill their basic needs. Mohammed is a cute and gentle boy. He joint the remedial classes that PSCF organized for children throughout the implementation of a project funded by NDC. During classes, the psychologists noticed that Mohammed suffered from psychological and behavioral problems which affected badly on his academic achievement and his relationship with others. PSCF's team organized a visit to Mohammed's home and met his mother. The mother said that the problem of Mohammed started one and half a year ago, when an Israeli soldier pointed his gun on Mohammed's face from two meter distance while he was feeding the animals near the home during the 50 days of Israeli military operations on Gaza strip in 2014. Since this accident, Mohammed's behavior changed completely and many problems revealed. He seemed to be shyness, loneliness, distracted , involuntary urinated and depressed. Because his family no longer have money to treat Mohammed medically and psychologically, PSCF's team in cooperation with Mental Health program in Deir Al-Balah organized several meetings and discussed Mohammed's problem and finalized the appropriate intervention plan. To Help Mohammed overcome his problem, PSCF's team managed periodical home visits to track Mohammed's health status closely. During those visits, the team advised Mohammed's mother to prepare a healthy breakfast and identify the way that family members should deal with their child. In addition, the team joint Mohammed on different recreational activities to enhance his confidence, strengthen his relationship with peers then he was given the appropriate drugs which helped him to get rid of his psychological, behavioral, and health problems. All these interventions Helped Mohammed to be more active in the class room and achieved academically good result and progress. " I feel much better, much love, and much confidence. I really appreciated your great role. Thank you.", Mohammed said. Mohammed's parents thanks the team for their continual support and endless efforts reaching this point of changing their child behavior.